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Leduc Gougat Jo - Pele Mele Vol.4 + Cd
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No order and no rules here! Pêle-Mêle joyfully gives into its wanderlust: helped along by an adult, children will dive headlong into this fourth book, try out this or that song, and presto! – open the gates to an enchanted garden where the joy of music reigns supreme.To achieve this, Jo Gougat, Ardennes-born violinist, singer and exceptional teacher, has spiced up each double-page of song and text with a tasty cocktail: a few pinches of music theory to help children easily overcome a specific musical challenge, a refreshing dash of listening games that give pride of place to the magical sound of chimes, and two or three enhancing zests to coax the imagination ´´beyond” the song by exploring the world of a painter, or discovering a particular musical work. These various sections, which can be explored in any order and independently from one another, are enhanced by a CD including both a Piano and Voice version for each piece, followed by the accompaniment only, created by Serge Lécussant with humour and finesse. It’s your turn to sing!

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